Water As Mother Nature Intended

TRUlyPŨR® discovering and tapping into what Mother Nature has been doing for millions of years.

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TRUlyPŨR … Earth’s Natural Way To Purify Water!

Our planet is commonly known as a ‘blue or water planet’ since it is made up of around 75 percent of water.

Our bodies are also made of up mostly water, babies and children around 75 to 65 percent and adults between 55 to 60 percent.

Since our bodies need to take in water every day to maintain a proper healthy body function; it makes sense that we would want to preserve and protect it as it is vital to our very continued existence.

Due to the industrial age and all the various types of toxic and chemical pollution that are spewed out on a daily basis; finding pure clean water has become a challenge to all of us.

What is the POLLUTION SOLUTION to having safe, clean, pure water?

TRUlyPŨR discovering and tapping into what Mother Nature has been doing for millions of years.

TRUlyPŨR utilizes a patented water purification technology. It is the only liquid water treatment that naturally disinfects and clarifies water, sustaining it for longer periods of time, all without electricity or chemical disinfectants. 

The patented and unique method is a 100% natural, mineral-based formula that eliminates/reduces over 200 contaminants.

TRUlyPŨR can be used to purify water regardless of temperature, cloudiness or haziness of the water.

It also has the ability to reduce waterborne pathogens as well as hundreds of other contaminants, such as industrial chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals like arsenic and lead, pharmaceuticals like steroids and antibiotics, and disinfectants.

It consists of concentrated natural minerals and salts from specific pure rock formations found in certain parts of the world, along with purified water.

TRUlyPŨR water drops is 100% NON-TOXIC and free of any synthetic chemicals. TRUlyPŨR produces no harmful by-products and poses no risk to humans, animals, or the environment.

With just a few drops of TRUlyPŨR it is now possible for everyone to drink and use safe, pure, clean water, anytime anywhere! Even the taste and smell of water can be improved by using TRUlyPŨR.

TRUlyPŨR was designed specifically for emergency use as well as long-term water treatment and storage, it is ideal for outdoor activities, travel, emergency survival, and disaster relief.

Take a drink for your health and see what drinking safe, pure clean TRUlyPŨR water can do for you!

What are the uses for TRUlyPŨR water?

TRUlyPŨR Applications

Potable Water
Waste-Water Treatment
Lakes & Ponds
Irrigation Systems
Lagoons & Canals
Fish Ponds

TRUlyPŨR Benefits

Easy To Use
Fast Results
Prevents Algae Growth
No Excessive Toxic Buildup In The Environment
Kills Harmful Bacteria
Helps Control Tastes & Odors
Improves Water Clarity
Easy Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does TRUlyPŨR use any chemical disinfectants?

Conventional water purifier tablets and liquid drops from brands like Aquamira, Aquatabs, Potable Aqua, Katadyn, MSR, and many others, use chemical disinfectants to treat water.

The most commonly used chemical disinfectant is chlorine dioxide, an antimicrobial pesticide, but other chemicals used are tetraglycine hydroperiodide (iodine), sodium hypochlorite (the main ingredient in household bleach), and sodium dichloroisocyanurate (a chemical compound that steadily releases small doses of chlorine).

TRUlyPŨR is the first 100% non-toxic, mineral-based water purifier liquid that disinfects and clarifies water without chemical disinfectants.


2. How does TRUlyPŨR handle contaminate reduction?

Both TRUlyPŨR and conventional water purifiers eliminate or reduce biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

However, unlike other water purifiers, TRUlyPŨR has the unique ability to reduce toxic, “21st-century” contaminants that are the most commonly found pollutants in outdoor and drinking water sources today.

These include agricultural chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, industrial chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals like lead and arsenic, pharmaceuticals like hormones and steroids, disinfectants like chlorine and chloramines, and disinfection byproducts like trihalomethanes.

3. How does TRUlyPŨR handle by-products?

All chemical disinfectants react with natural organic matter and other substances present in water and produce harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs).

The toxicity of each byproduct varies depending on the chemical/s used and length of exposure. For example, trihalomethanes (THMs) are a group of DPBs created by chlorine-based disinfectants.

Many THMs are considered carcinogenic. Long-term exposure above the maximum contaminant level (MCL) can lead to liver, kidney, and central nervous system problems, and cancer.

Chlorite is a DBP created by chlorine dioxide and although it’s not considered a carcinogen, long-term exposure above the MCL can affect the central nervous system and can lead to anemia in infants and young children.

TRUlyPŨR creates no DBPs when added to water, and in fact, reduces certain DPBs, including THMs.

4. Can you use TRUlyPŨR long-term?

Conventional water purifiers are typically recommended for short-term or limited emergency treatment of water and shouldn’t be used to purify water continuously over extended periods of time because if taken in excess, they can lead to adverse health effects. For example, drinking water containing chlorine dioxide for long periods above maximum residual disinfectant level can affect the central nervous system in some infants, young children, and fetuses of pregnant women, and could eventually lead to anemia.

Since TRUlyPŨR contains no harmful chemicals and is 100% non-toxic, using it as directed to purify water is safe for short or long-term use without any harm or health risks.

5. What are the safety hazards from using TRUlyPŨR?

All conventional water purifiers that contain chemicals like chlorine dioxide, iodine, bleach, and so on are hazardous to humans, domestic animals, the environment, and are known to be toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms (just read their labels). Iodine isn’t even safe for children, pregnant women, or people with thyroid problems or iodine allergies to use.

TRUlyPŨR on the other hand, is eco-friendly and poses no hazards to plants, animals, or aquatic habitats. Plus, it’s safe for anyone to use, including babies, young children, pregnant women, and even your pets.

6. Does TRUlyPŨR help with the taste of water?

One of the biggest complaints people have about using chemical-based water purifiers is the gross, pool water-like taste they give to water.

Well, we’ve received a lot of feedback about taste, and the consensus is that, yes, TRUlyPŨR dramatically improves the taste of water. 

Some have even said it improves the taste much like a carbon filter does!

The reason for this is because TRUlyPŨR contains the same minerals (electrolytes) that are often added to bottled water “for taste.”

We hope this list has given you a better understanding of TRUlyPŨR water purifier drops and how they differ from conventional, chemical-based water purifiers.

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What Is Fourth Phase Water?

University of Washington Bioengineering Professor Gerald Pollack answers this question, and intrigues us to consider the implications of this finding.

Not all water is H2O, a radical departure from what you may have learned from textbooks.

Pollack received his PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He then joined the University of Washington faculty and is now professor of Bioengineering.

His interests have ranged broadly, from biological motion and cell biology to the interaction of biological surfaces with aqueous solutions.

Watch the video to see why you will want to drink water that is TRUlyPŨR!

TRUlyPŨR Testimonials

TRUlyPŨR water drops comes in a  2 oz (60 mL) bottle which makes about 50-60 US gal (189-227 L) of TRUlyPŨR water.

Size: NET WT 2 oz (60 mL)


1. Add 1 ml (40 drops) per gallon of water (3.79 L) or 10 drops per quart of water (947 ml).

2. For maximum benefits, shake or stir then let stand for at least 60 minutes.*

3. Strain with a water or coffee filter, or cloth to remove clotted particulates.

*Depending upon the quality of water you may add additional drops and wait longer for the best results in purifying your water.

TRUlyPŨR has been tested to
 NSF/ANSI & EPA Standards.

Purified Water …………… 91%
Proprietary Minerals ……. 9%

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TRUlyPŨR Water Drops
TRUlyPŨR Water Drops

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