TRUFOCUS+ … Energize Your Brain!

It’s Time To Get Your Life Into Focus

Why take TRUFOCUS+? Are you one of the millions who has experienced that energy drop and feel fatigued during the day just when you needed it the most?

Have you been finding that your mental clarity, concentration or memory is not what it used to be? Would you like to feel energized and give your brain a power boost, naturally?

We at TRU understand how important it is to be sharp, alert and on track in life whether it is at home with your family, school, business, sports or recreational activities.

With that in mind, we developed an exceptionally dynamic product created to feed and nourish your brain to help get it back into focus … TRUFOCUS+!

Imagine being able to rev up your brain’s resources and development; enabling you to improve your mood, mental energy, increase your alertness, cognitive ability and clarity of thought!

Would an improvement in your memory, stamina and sex life make a difference in your life?

How is this possible you may ask?

Through vital essential nutrients that come from completely natural sources.

Just what are these nutrients and how can they work for you?

Why TRUFOCUS+ Stands Out


However, a nutrient no matter how good it is or what you need can only benefit you if it is able to be absorbed into your body.

So we at TRU ‘focused’ on this aspect of preparing these essential building blocks, in a such a way that the maximum benefit could be had.

This process is called bio-availability, which simply means that the nutrients you put in your body are able to be easily digested and absorbed.

It is also known that plant-based nutrition and supplements are another factor in your body being able to absorb nutrients. With this in mind, our products are not animal-based but plant-based.

No Synthetic Nutrients

Since synthetic components are rejected by our bodies, as they are viewed as toxins; we are proud to say that we use only 100% Natural and NONGMO ingredients.

We strive to do our utmost in maintaining the highest standards in all of our products giving you natural ingredients with the best results possible.

Thus, all of our nutritional products work in a beautiful synergy to provide your body with premium nourishment.

The Inspiration Behind Our TRUFOCUS+ Sticks

Our powerhouse TRUFOCUS+ sticks is just what your brain is looking for and is easy to use and carry with you wherever you go. We were inspired to use the ‘stick’ method for our packaging at the farmer’s market in Santa Monica, CA.

Traditionally used for honey, this format uses an Eco-friendly and recyclable plastic which provides an ideal delivery method, in a convenient single serving. That went along perfectly with our mindset and so we developed our formula to be able to use this same method of delivery for your consumption.

Sweetened with blue agave nectar this great tasting liquid gold filled stick can be used in both coffee and tea anytime or anywhere. You can even take it right out of the stick in your mouth if you wish.

So snap open a TRUFOCUS+ stick and give your brain the healthful boost it needs!

Turn On Your Brain With Rich Golden Goodness

TRUFOCUS+ is packed with all the goodnone of the bad! 🙂

Delicious Tasting

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Naturally Sourced Nutrition


No Preservatives

No Additives

Cold Pressed

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Flavors

100% All Natural


Use TRUFOCUS In Your Drink Of Choice

How To Use

You can open your TRUFOCUS+ stick with scissors, or by gently squeezing one end and biting the other. (perpendicular to the seam works best)

Enjoy your TRUFOCUS+ in tea, coffee, or any beverage you prefer. Just open it, squeeze it into your drink and stir.


Open your stick and squeeze the golden liquid straight into your mouth … then savor the flavor!

Enjoy 1-2 stick(s) per day.

Member Price: $37.00 USD
Suggested Retail Price (SRP): $46.00 USD

Join Today To Buy & Save!

Join Today To Buy & Save!

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It’s Time To Get Your Life In … TRUFOCUS+!

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