We know that many of you will be facing hardship in the weeks to come, both in your businesses and in your personal lives, as the world grapples with CORONA VIRUS COVID-19.

We are, as always, inspired by your commitment to TRU and your continued orders to help TRU through these trying times. TRU will continue to deliver you the best possible wellness products and never compromise on ingredients and quality.

We encourage you to order TRU products to keep you health and your immune system elevated during this crisis. We strive as circumstances allow, to give the best and quickest delivery of your products to keep you healthy.

We can continue to work together, and support one another and TRU by making positive connections within the community by educating and sharing the TRU products and opportunity with them.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Petschel
CEO & President Of TRU

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